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 Hair is a natural and very important accessory of a person. Styling your hair is important for both men and women. Having a well maintained and manageable hair not only improves your looks but also increases your confidence. No matter whatever the occasion is be it a date, a meeting, a function or just some chit chat with your friends having your hair on point is a sign of masculinity. A well maintained hair also attracts women as they find the man as more attractive and mature.

Want to level up your hair game and don’t know how? Don’t worry here is an easy guide to achieve a great hairstyle for men without any hair damage, that too on a budget. 

Steps to achieve a great hairstyle:-

1. Preparing your hair
2. Hair serum
3. Blow drying
4. Choosing right products
5. Hair spray
6. Post hair care
Continue reading below to get full details of each step.

Preparing your hair

· Oiling

Styling your hair can be very harsh on your shiny locks as the different products can damage your hair and create a complete mess that can result in hair fall and can even cause balding. Will using different hair products damage my hair too? No not at all. Using chemical products on your hair can damage your hair, but don’t worry I have brought a range of safe and natural products for you without any harmful chemicals and these products can actually improve the quality of your hair.
The first step in preparing your hair is regular oiling, as oiling is very much essential for your hair which is generally neglected by most men. Hair oil is like food for your hair. As food is needed for us, our hair needs it too. Men should at least oil their hair 2-3 times per week. You can use any kind of hair you like such as coconut oil, mustard oil, argan oil etc. but, you should stay away from most of the hair oils that are available in the market as they contain mineral oil and fragrance in them as these do more bad than good to your hair.

You can use vedix customized ahuta root stimulating hair oil as it contains ayurvedic herbs extracted in sesame oil, mixed in cold pressed virgin coconut oil and is free of harmful chemicals. It contains ayurvedic herbs like banyan- that promotes hair growth, berberis- that contains anti-inflammatory properties, lodhra- which reduces scalp infections and vetiver- which improves hair texture.
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· Shampoo

Washing your hair is also an essential step as hair products work well on clean hair. You should never leave hair oil more than 2hours on your scalp as it attracts dirt. So you should always wash your hair after hair oiling and should use a safe shampoo too. Most shampoos available in market uses harmful chemicals like sulphates and paraben which is not good for your hair health.

You should use mamaEarth almond shampoo as it promotes healthy hair growth and deeply nourishes your hair. It contains cold pressed almond oil which nourishes and strengthens your hair, contains vitamin E which promotes hair growth and wheat amino acids that conditions your hair shaft and protects the natural keratin of your hair.
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· Hair conditioning

Shampoos though cleanse your hair but can leave your hair dry and frizzy so it is essential to condition your hair after every wash. Using a good quality hair conditioner without any harmful chemicals restores the essential oils for your hair and also adds shine to your hair.

I suggest KHADI NATURAL amla & bhringraj hair conditioner as it prevents hair fall and promotes lustrous hair. It contains amla which is rich in vitamin C that provides deep nourishment and bhringraj that prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.
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Hair serum

The first thing after washing and towel drying your hair (caution: don’t rub your wet hair harshly as wet hair is very fragile and weak and can lead to hair fall , pat dry instead) is to apply serum on it.
Note:- Always use serum on damp hair.

Serum has several benefits:-

· It adds a natural shine to your hair
· Helps in controlling dry and frizzy hair
· It acts like a protective film to your hair which is applied before using other products
· It acts as heat protectant
There are different serums available in the market, but stay away from serums with harmful ingredients and search for serum which consists of natural ingredients.

I suggest CODE hair serum for men, which is safe and devoid of any harmful chemicals. It consists of argan oil which protects hair from heat damage, Abyssinian oil which adds moisture, meadow foam oil which helps to fight dandruff and prevent hair loss, wheat germ oil which controls frizziness, jojoba oil which strengthens hair and prevents graying and vitamin E which adds a brilliant shine to your hair.
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Hair styling products works well on dry hair than wet hair, so it is important to dry your hair properly. Blow drying is a fast and effective technique to dry your hair. It also helps you to add extra volume to your hair and to achieve a desired style for your hair.
Note:- Always use a heat protectant before blow drying
Heat is not good for hair and if you don’t use your blow dryer properly it can actually fry your hair which would then lead to hair loss. For safe and proper blow drying you need two things a good hairbrush and a good blow dryer.

· Hair brush

There are many kinds of hairbrushes available in the market but some of them can be harsh on your scalp and can actually pull your hair out of your scalp.
The perfect hair brush for volume and to add texture is a round hair brush.

I suggest ROZIA pro boar bristles roller hair brush for blow drying as its bristles are safe to scalp and your hair. It has boar bristles which enhances smooth and shine while curling and styling. Use the round hair brush to pull your hair upwards softly while blow drying. Comb and style in the desired direction while blow drying to set your hair.
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· Blow dryer

Choosing the right blow dryer is also important as using wrong blow dryer can actually damage your hair. Blow drying for long time in high heat and high speed will ruin your hair.

I suggest VEGA VHDP-02 hair dryer (2000 W) as it has a powerful motor of 1800-2000 W which reduces the blow drying time, hence prevents heat damage. It has two heat and speed setting which helps to dry your hair with low heat and low speed. It also has a cool shot button to close all the hair pores that opened due to heat due to blow drying. Use the blow dryer along with the brush for efficient drying. Blow dry to the opposite direction of hair style to achieve high volume.
Note:- Always keep the blow dryer at least 7 inches away from your hair and never blow dry on the roots of your hair.
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Choosing right products

Choosing the right product according to your hair type and your requirements is a very essential part in your hairstyling game.
Note:- Always buy safe hair products that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and try to search for products with other essential nutrients that can improve your hair quality.

· Hair gel

If you have medium to thick hair which remains always dry and frizzy then a hair gel is just a boon for you. Hair gel adds shine to your hair and gives your hair a wet look.

I suggest Man Arden hair styling gel as it is free of all harmful chemicals and gives you a glossy finish with adequate amount of hold. It contains aloevera which provides deep nourishment and moisturizes the scalp and hair, cucumber extracts that helps to soothe the scalp, licorice which prevents itchy scalp and green tea extract which helps to soften hair while promoting healthy hair growth.
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· Hair styling wax

Hair wax provides more amount of hold and shine than hair gel, it suits best for men with wavy to curly hair of medium to long length.

I suggest CODE hair wax as it gives you great hold and shine without damaging your hair even a bit, instead it promotes the overall health of your hair.
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· Hair styling pomade

Pomades are a good alternative for hair wax for those who like to maintain and rock short hairstyles. It has adequate amount of hold and gloss to make your short hairstyles sexy.
I suggest CODE hair pomade as it provides flexible and long lasting hold with a glossy smooth finish.
Note:- Both the wax and pomade mentioned above contains Carnauba wax that gives your hair a glossy finish, beeswax which moisturizes the scalp, promotes hair growth and also prevents dandruff and vitamin B5 which nourishes the scalp.


· Hair styling clay

Hair clay is a good option for men with thin hair as they have very high hold. These are usually preferred by those who want to style and maintain a matte look. In my opinion hair clay are the best as it can be used by men with both thin and thick hair and with any hair length.

I suggest CODE hair clay as it contains many vital elements like volcanic ash which exfoliates and soaks excess oil from your scalp, bamboo charcoal which helps to maintain your hair’s natural color and kaolin clay which repairs damaged hair.
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· Hair volumizing powder

Hair volumizing powder is best for those who want to achieve high volume hairstyles. These are specially made to give hair high volume, texture and hold. I prefer using a hair volumizing powder while I stay at home as I don’t need any kind of classy look and it is also easy to use and maintain.

I suggest CODE hair volumizing styling powder as it provides extra-strong hold, matte look and promotes hair health.
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Note:- All the above four mentioned products are restylable, so that you can restyle your hair all day as required. Only chose one among the four products and apply it after blow-drying, don’t use more than one among these.

Hair spray

Hair spray helps to lock a hairstyle in its place for a longer period of time. It is a great companion of the above mentioned products for special occasions where you need to look classy like dates, parties etc.

I suggest THE MAN COMPANY hair spray as it provides long lasting strong hold, matte look and instant grip with no powdery effect.
Note:- Don’t use a hair spray every day as it can be harsh on your hair, instead save it only for special occasions.
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Post hair care

After following all the above mentioned steps and rocking a sexy and masculine hairstyle it is essential to take care of your premium strands and prevent any damage caused due to hair styling.
Never sleep with any products on your hair, take a cold shower before your sleep to wash all the products.
Note:- Always shampoo after using a hair spray on your hair.

Ending note

I hope that all the steps mentioned above have helped you.
All the products mentioned above are free from harmful chemicals and water soluble (which makes it easy to rinse off with water). I have provided the genuine and original links of the products (eligible for cash on delivery too), so that you don’t end up buying fake copies and end up damaging your hair.
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