Luxury perfumes for men - Top 10 perfume brands for male in india

Imagine you are at a party, you are have put on your best suit and feeling good about yourself. You notice another man with a totally different aura, he is wearing a same suit like you but he has a presence and all the girls are drooling over him. Can you imagine a situation like this? Yes, it has happened with maximum of you many a times. Now, don’t worry guys I know that you too want to be like that man with a different level of attractiveness. There is only one difference between you and that guy which is the way you two smell. You, wore your best suit and everything is in place but you did one mistake which is you forgot to wear perfume. A good perfume can make you feel more clean and can increase your confidence which can help you have  a good and guess what people are also drawn to nice smelling guys. So, man always wear perfume wherever you go, whatever you wear or in any situation you are. Now, there are many perfumes available in the market, so don’t get confused coz I am listing the best luxury perfumes for men here.

Luxury perfumes for men

Luxury perfumes for men

1.             1.        CODE Terra Perfume for Men

Designed in France

Luxury perfumes for men

Are you a man of warmth, intellect, and wit? Then why settle for the scent of the ordinary? This fragrance is tailored for the man who isn't afraid to make a statement, to mark his territory and leave a lasting impression.
The scent opens with the bright, fresh notes of grapefruit and orange, invigorating the senses and setting the tone for the journey ahead. As it develops, the warmth of black pepper and flint takes centre stage, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance. The base notes of oakmoss, vetiver, and cedarwood evoke the earthy scent of rain on sun-soaked soil, creating a truly unique and memorable experience.
With Code Terra Perfume, you'll radiate confidence, class, and charm as you make your way through any room. Stay true to your style and your sense of self, and make a lasting impression with this one-of-a-kind fragrance. Bring home Code Terra Perfume for Men today.

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2.       BEARDO Whisky Smoke Bourbon Perfume EDP Eau de Parfum

Luxury perfumes for men

Complement your strength, bravado, and intoxicating charisma with Beardo Whisky Smoke Bourbon. An undeniably hedonistic fragrance, Whisky Smoke Bourbon is the epitome of Sophistication, emboldened by woody notes of Exotic Oudh and Luxurious Lather. Always leave them wanting more with this long lasting, Sophisticated fragrance

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3.       FOGG Xtremo Eau de Parfum

Luxury perfumes for men

Feel fresh, cool and confident all through the day's activities. It is refreshing fragrance ensures your refreshed and gentle experience all through the day by giving you 100 percent protection from body odours and perspiration. It provides you strong enough aroma which lasts for hours

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4.       Wild Stone Edge Perfume Eau de Parfum

Luxury perfumes for men

Yardley Perfume Body Spray For Women And Men Its Make your Day fresh and feel like new its smell really very nice its very best perfume spray for men and women Known best for its range of deodorants / Perfume Stone operates in multiple product categories like Perfume,deodorant,talc,roll on,pocket perfume,wipes

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5.       THE MAN COMPANY Blanc EDT Luxury Perfume for Men Eau de Toilette

Luxury perfumes for men

Exotic, musky, and masculine, The Man Company’s EDT Blanc is a white oriental fragrance with citrusy and aromatic notes. Blanc fills up your inner nature with intense and sophisticated masculinity. A masterpiece of ethereal and sublime emotions, Blanc is for a man who loves to make a statement at work. A spritz of this bountiful fragrance is bound to kill all the blues and stresses that a hectic day at the office can give you. Be fresh and energized all day long with EDT Blanc.
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6.       Bella vita organic CEO MAN Eau De Parfum For Men

Luxury perfumes for men

'Life in the Fast Lane! Perfect for everyday wear, CEO MAN Eau De Parfum elevates the 'CEO' in you. Refreshingly daring yet long-lasting with top hints of lemon and sugar delicately energising with Lavendar at its heart and finally, arise the vetiver, moss and tonka's sharply-dressed base. This perfume honours your debonair and charismatic personality, allowing you to be true to yourself, just with the 'CEO' touch added to it! "
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7.       DENVER Hamilton Imperial Perfume 100 Ml Eau de Parfum 

Luxury perfumes for men

For All-day Fragrance You Can Now Fall Back On Denver Perfume Because It Is The Right Formulation To Deliver Every Right Feature For The Best Perfume. Possess Signature Scents You Can Always Own That Unique Scent Among Friends As The Perfume Is Formulated With A Signature Scent That Will Leave A Mystery Behind Everywhere You Go. The Scent Is A Special Collection Of Fragrances . Your Charisma Will Only Be Heightened With The Unique Scent As You Walk Into A Room And Command Attention. Long Lasting Fragrance A Fragrance That Will Not Leave Your Skin Or Clothes In A Matter Of Hours But Will Ensure That You Smell Distinctively Sharp And Attractive For A Longer Part Of Your Everyday Will Be Delivered With This Perfume.Denver Perfume Spray For Men With A Carefully Blended Fragrance Mix And A Long Lasting Protection Against Body Odors, To Keep You Delightfully Fresh And Confident Throughout The Day.the Essential Products You Need To Start Your Perfect Day With Freshness. Get The Wonderful, Smooth And Perfect Experience With Exclusive Range From A Renowned Brand Denver
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8.       USTRAA Cologne Spray Base Camp Perfume

Luxury perfumes for men

Base Camp brings to you the magical experience of the cool mountain air. This mesmerising perfume for men is suitable for all special occasions as well as for your daily routine. It can be used for all skin types. So, carry this manly perfume with the fragrance of the moutains with you wherever you go.

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9.       Engage Amber Hues Perfume, Ambery and Fruity, Ideal For Special Occasions, Tester Free Eau de Parfum

Luxury perfumes for men

Engage Amber Hues is a premium, long lasting perfume for men which stands for for liberation - A new identity, provocation and seduction through fruity and ambery notes. The fragrance is fresh modern fougere and is ideal for special occasions like social or formal events, date, wedding, party, meetings, gifting etc. Apply the fragrance directly on neck and wrists (pulse points), let it dry on skin without rubbing. Can be used on both body and clothes.

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10.   one8 Blanc Eau de Toilette

Luxury perfumes for men

The joyful purity of nature comes together to create One8 Blanc, a Fougera blend that begins with the lightness of lavender and lime before settling into a divine fruity finish infused with spices.
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Ending note

Always  wear your perfume when you are clean and you have used moisturizer. Apply perfume on heat points like behind your ear, on your neck, on your shoulders or your wrists as they project perfume to a farther distance and makes your perfume last longer. All the above links are of original products and from valid sites. Buy from the above links to avoid buying fake products and to save your time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.       Which male perfume is no1 in India?

CODE terra is the best smelling perfume for men in india. Read this article to find some more best smelling perfumes in india.

2.       Which perfume last longer?

Eau De Parfum (EDP) lasts longer as they contain more concentration of oils then other types.

3.       Do girls find perfume attractive?

Yes girls do find a man wearing a nice perfume more attractive than the ones who are  not wearing any perfume.

4.       How can I smell really nice?

Shower and wear clean clothes. Use scented body lotion. Put on some good perfume. Read this article to find some of the best smelling perfumes.



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